Open Blue Checkered Swooper Feather Flag – Great for Businesses, Diners, and Restaurants – dine in restaurants near me
Product Title: Open Blue Checkered Swooper Feather Flag – Great for Businesses, Diners, and Restaurants
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dine in restaurants near me: Open Blue Checkered Swooper Feather Flag – Great for Businesses, Diners, and Restaurants

Product Description

business marketing advertising shop sign buildingbusiness marketing advertising shop sign building

marketing strategymarketing strategy

Upgrade Your Marketing Strategy

Our Swooper Feather Flags & Kits are the perfect addition to your store front! Drive more sales with physical foot & driving traffic into your business and increase sales with our attention-grabbing banners.


Open for Business

Let them know you’re open for business! Our signs are brightly colored, 11.5ft tall, and super-strong knitted for durability and longevity. As long as your flags are flying high, your business will stand out above the rest.

Variety of Flags – Perfect For Any Business!

car lot

car lot

food truck taco truck

food truck taco truck

carnival fair events

carnival fair events

Car Dealers

Including “For Sale” “Low Down Payment” “EZ Financing” & many more.

Food Trucks

Perfect for restaurants, both brick & mortar as well as mobile eatery spots.

Carnivals, Events, & More!

Choose from a variety of event-focused feather flags for carnivals, fairs, festivals, etc!

High Quality, Precise Colors, Affordable Advertising!

Our Swooper Flags & Pole Kits are everything you need to start advertising your business right outside your store front – right in the eyes of potential customers! Our kits are the esiest and most cost-effective way to market for your business; marketing can cost thousands a month, but our flag’s average lifespan brings your advertising cost to just pennies a day. Our flags are made of high-grade 140kg super-knitted polyester built to withstand winds. Dye-sublimated printing making colors on both sides POP and machine washable, making it the perfect complement to your busy lifestyle. Ideal for businesses of all types. Browse through our wide selection of designs to find which flag works best for you!

Practical, Real, Authentic Visual Advertising!

Real Estate Offices

Real Estate Offices

used car lots

used car lots

store front

store front

Real Estate, Property Managment

Get real visual advertising and encourage foot traffic with our tall, brightly colored swooper flags & kits

Used Car Lots & Dealerships

Looking to attract attention to your car lot? We have a variety of flags for used cars, low down payments, and much more

Store fronts, Restaurants, Businesses

Is your mini-mall packed with businesses? Make your store stand out above the rest and grab customers’ attention with our swooper flags

✔️11.5ft tall by 2.5ft wide – Our Super Business Flags are tall for ultimate visibilty to attract your customers’ attention!
✔️Perfect for business advertising needs – We carry all kinds of flags for businesses, dealerships, festivals, fairs, and much more!
✔️Super poly-knit for durability & longevity – Our Super Flags are made to last with durable material, long-lasting stitching, and bright vibrant designs!
✔️Pole & Spike Not included – Our single Super Flags are perfect for replacements for existing flags/poles! For full kits, please check out our Super Kit listings!

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