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Download Ultimate Twitter Feed Class. This App releases on Thursday 11th August 2011 By The author AustinBrunkhorst on Codecanyon. It’s uses with api,customizable twitter feed,dynamic formatting,https,multiple usernames,php,social,social networking,twitter,twitter 1.1,twitter api,twitter search,twitter v1.1,ultimate twitter feed class,v1.1.

Item Title: Ultimate Twitter Feed Class
Category: php-scripts/social-networking
Price: $6
Author: AustinBrunkhorst
Published Date: Thursday 11th August 2011 08:25:08 AM

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Ease of Use

This class eliminates common difficulties when trying to display Tweets on your website or web application. Most methods of loading Tweets are effective, but unfortunately limited when it comes to customization. With this class, you’re able to design your own feed. With a little bit of pre-existing knowledge of HTML you’re also able to create your own format without editing any code in the class.

With over 30 options to choose from, and a custom formatting feature this class has endless possibilites.

This class caches feed data to save bandwidth for both you and Twitter, resulting in faster load times.

Methods used in this class have been proven to be faster than most traditional methods. Efficiency is key when running a successful website.

Ease of Use
Implementation of this class is a breeze. Don’t hassle with getting things to work when it only takes a couple steps to install.

Emoji Support
Detect Emoji characters made popular on mobile devices such as iPhone or Android and replace them with their respective icon viewable on web.

Search Support
Use Twitter’s search API as well as many other endpoints such as user favorites.

Multiple Screen Names
Display multiple screen names in a single feed. The class automatically puts the tweets in chronological order. This applies for any endpoint that supports it, such as Search.

Version 3.4 - January 6, 2019
Added support for extended tweet mode. If you don’t see pictures displayed, make sure the option tweet_mode is set to extended.
Version 3.3 - February 12, 2014
Bug fix for multi-byte unicode characters in tweets.
Version 3.2 - January 17, 2014
Addresses Twitter’s required HTTPS connection to the API.
Version 3.1 - October 25, 2013
A few changes.

  • Fixed bug for odd instances where there are more than one mention in a tweet and both screen names start with the same thing ex. – “envato” and “envato_support”.
  • Errors are now thrown as exceptions for added flexibility.
  • Fixed folder structure from last update.

Version 3.0 - September 1, 2013
Rewritten again.

  • Added support for search (as well as many other API endpoints). View documentation for complete list.
  • Added Emoji character support.
  • Added native multiple screen name support (applies to search queries and other endpoints that support it as well).

Version 2.0 - November 25, 2012
Completely rewritten. Addresses API v1.0 deprecation.
Version 1.2 - August 12, 2011
Added relative time text options to support different languages and wording.
Version 1.1 - August 11, 2011
Added cache function to cut down on unnecessary server load for Twitter
Version 1.0 - August 11, 2011
Initial Release

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Download Ultimate Twitter Feed Class on Codecanyon
Download Ultimate Twitter Feed Class on Codecanyon


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