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Download Tweet Poster – Powerful Twitter Schedule Tweets App. This App releases on Thursday 10th May 2018 By The author cheapapp on Codecanyon. It’s uses with auto follow,auto retweet,auto tweet,auto tweet reply,product marketing,schedule follow,schedule retweet,schedule tweet,Schedule Tweets,schedule tweets app,twitter,Twitter bot,twitter follow tool,twitter marketing,twitter unfollow tool.

Item Title: Tweet Poster – Powerful Twitter Schedule Tweets App
Category: php-scripts/social-networking
Price: $29
Author: cheapapp
Published Date: Thursday 10th May 2018 03:39:45 AM

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Latest Changelog

1. Added Twitter API v2 support.
2. Added Coinbase E-commerce Payment Support.
3. Fixed a few bugs.


  • The installation procedure is quite simple and easy
  • Import Tweet Using Excel File
  • Auto tweet, auto direct message, auto retweet, auto-reply, auto follow
  • Video/Image support
  • Advance Follower filtering engine to filter only active follower
  • Instant Action to search targeted user/tweet instantly
  • Duplicate content can easily be prevented using Robust Text Spinning feature
  • The latest official Twitter API support is available for proper maintenance and working
  • Tweet Text Spining feature
  • Multiple Packages are available for users
  • Multiple language support
  • Paypal payment gateway has been integrated to manage Packages among the users

TP Live Preview

Twitter Marketing Solution

Twitter Marketing Solution

Twitter Marketing Solution

TP Live Preview

TP Testimonial

TP Live Preview

TP Live Doc

TP Live Doc

Twitter Marketing Solution

Tweet Poster is basically such an app, a management system
for businessmen and media-related users who want to advertise their products and manage multiple Twitter accounts on a single, user-friendly graphical interface. It has various features which make it very useful and easy to use for a large group of people from every walk of life. It is built on advanced
technologies which are quite trending these days in the web world.

Twitter Marketing Solution

Instant Action [HOT]

  • Instant Action is used to Instantly filter targeted audience and follow them to Increase Targeted Follower list

Tweet Poster Instant Action

Follower Filtering [HOT]

  • It’s basically used to Filter your existing follower list

Follower Filtering
Follower Filtering

Basic Features

  • A user can create multiple tweets on his account and post it with various features
  • Tweets can have multiple images and video attachments
  • If you want to target a specific community, instant action feature has been developed to follow that group of people

Action Scheduling

  • Filtering feature of tweet poster is used to schedule follow action, to avoid checking it again and again, once it is scheduled, it will be posted on regular time periods
  • Twitter tweet search filtering function for scheduling re-tweet action
  • Tweet filtering system for scheduling tweet reply action on the Twitter account
  • If a latest trending hash is prevailing on Twitter, it will schedule your tweet with that hashtag
  • Tweets/Tweet Replies can be scheduled using the hashtag of specific geolocation, which makes this app global friendly

User and registration system

  • Users can register in the account using the
    quick and easy register page.
  • Login System comes with a Forgotten Password
    page, to allow users to reset their password via email.
  • Complete user registration and login system to
    allow multiple users to maintain their accounts.

Members And Settings

  • Another great feature is Multilanguage support.
    Currently, it is for English and Turkish languages.
  • It has modern, easy to use and responsive
    graphical design for users.
  • Multi Twitter accounts in a single application.
  • The media upload is just available on one click
    and tweet is ready to be posted instantly.

User Role

  • Two types of User Role Admin & User

Admin Panel

  • Admins have access to all sections of the site.
  • Admin panel is used to manage the details of
    user accounts along with details.
  • The user, Twitter Account and Tweet permission
    are controlled by Admin.
  • There are various access rights available for
    different roles, i.e. admin can create and update a user. A user can view and
    create his tweets.
  • Enable/disable registration
  • Enable/disable Maintenance Mode

Other complementary features

Graphical features

  • Responsive in design
  • Compatible with both mobile and web interface.

Technical Details

  • The technology used is PHP Codeigniter
    Framework, JavaScript, Jquery and other third-party API.
  • Latest Twitter Official API Support.

Disclaimer – Social APIs Restrictions:

There are some Twitter APIs restrictions that are making some limitations for us on top of building this Web App. Please Follow the Link Below to know more.



Now all you need to do is buy this product and enjoy its
useful features. It is not difficult to use. Proper documentation is given for installing it, once you read it you are ready to go. Just register yourself and log in then use your Twitter account and manage its all useful features for your job and personal use. No more worries about selling your product and showing your news to a wide group of people. Just purchase this system and sit tight, it will do all the dirty work for you in minimum time with quality.

TP Live Preview

TP Live Doc

Server Requirements

  • Apache 2.2+/NginX 1.19+
  • Mysql 5.4+
  • PHP >=7.3
  • Cron Job Must Be Enabled

Live Preview

Admin Login

Email: [email protected]

Password: 123456

User Login

Email: [email protected]

Password: 123456

TP Live Doc


Version 1.8.0 April 2022

1. Added Twitter API v2 support.
2. Added Coinbase E-commerce Payment Support.
3. Fixed a few bugs.

Version 1.7.0 January 2021

1. Fixed a few Major bugs.
2. Added Auto/Schedule Direct Message.

Version 1.6.0 December 2020

1. Fixed a Major bug in the Follower Filtering Section
2. Update PHP dependency.

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More Info / DownloadLive Demo
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Download Tweet Poster – Powerful Twitter Schedule Tweets App on Codecanyon
Download Tweet Poster – Powerful Twitter Schedule Tweets App on Codecanyon


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