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Download Smart Speech Bot. This App releases on Wednesday 11th December 2013 By The author BizarreY on Codecanyon. It’s uses with ai,artificial intelligence,computer intelligence,Jarvis,smart application,speech recognition,star trek,voice command,voice recognition.

Item Title: Smart Speech Bot
Category: apps/windows
Price: $7
Author: BizarreY
Published Date: Wednesday 11th December 2013 08:01:33 AM

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Smart Speech Bot allows the user to interact with the computer using only the voice.

It builds upon the Windows Speech Recognition libraries.

The program listens for a single word: “Computer.”
When the users calls the computer, it will answer with “Yes?”.
After the computer answers, the user is free to try any question and the Speechbot will try to find the answer on the Internet.

The voice recognition relies on Windows Speech Recognition, so this should be trained independently. The accuracy of the recognition
depends solely on the configuration of the Windows Speech Recognition.

Some examples of commands:

  1. Computer! -> Yes? -> Who is Albert Einstein?
  2. Computer! -> Yes? -> Locate London.
  3. Computer! -> Yes? -> What is the biggest country?
  4. Computer! -> Yes? -> What is the square root of pi?
  5. Computer! -> Yes? -> What’s a cookie?
  6. Computer! -> Yes? -> Define “word”.
  7. Computer! -> Yes? -> Google market share.
  8. Computer! -> Yes? -> 1000 + 123456.
  9. Computer! -> Yes? -> Wikipedia
  10. Computer! -> Yes? -> Notable events in 1960.

More Info / DownloadLive Demo
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Download Smart Speech Bot on Codecanyon
Download Smart Speech Bot on Codecanyon


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