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Download Scribodroid Writer’s Software. This App releases on Friday 13th December 2013 By The author BizarreY on Codecanyon. It’s uses with collocations,definitions,dictionary,dictionary search,idioms,office,phrasal,rhymes,similar words,Synonyms,thesaurus,word lookup,word search,writer software,writer tool.

Item Title: Scribodroid Writer’s Software
Category: apps/windows
Price: $8
Author: BizarreY
Published Date: Friday 13th December 2013 09:37:47 AM

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About Scribodroid

Scribodroid is a program for writers, translators and regular users of writing software such as Microsoft Office Word. This program is meant to simplify dictionary and thesaurus research for writers. It features a unique user interface that allows users to quickly and efficiently find relevant data.

Scribodroid enables users to search for synonyms, rhymes, collocations, definitions and much more by a simple few clicks.

It isn’t uncommon for writers and word enthusiasts to get carried away by searching the Internet for a suitable translation or a synonym for a word. Scribodroid searches the Internet for you. Looks up several different dictionaries very quickly. This way, the author can focus on his work, rather than having to lose time by searching the Internet.

Searching the Internet is not the only thing Scribodroid does. Scribodroid memorizes the words you searched for and can show you the information about that word (definitions, synonyms, collocations, rhymes etc.) later, even if you’re not connected to the Internet.

Scribodroid is adaptive. It can let you work with any word processing or writing software. It can even work if you are on Internet, talking with your friends on Skype, Facebook or Google+. If Scribodroid is running, you can tell it to search for you.

Envato Version Limitations

This is a special version of Scribodroid software available only on the Envato marketplace for a significantly lower price. However, some features available in the full version are not available in the Envato version. These features include listing additional definitions and phrasal verbs, idioms and portmanteaus. However, the base features are fully functional and available indefinitely.

YouTube Video Preview

For all those who cannot view the demo, here is a YouTube link.


Installation instructions are available with the installation files.

Scribodroid relies on Microsoft’s .NET Framework (either version 4 with the latest update or the version 4.5). These are available on Microsoft’s site.

For any issues regarding the installation or operation of the Scribodroid software, feel free to contact me via email or in comments. There is also a FAQ page available.

More Info / DownloadLive Demo
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Download Scribodroid Writer’s Software on Codecanyon
Download Scribodroid Writer’s Software on Codecanyon


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