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Download Pickbazar Laravel – React, Next, REST & GraphQL Ecommerce With Multivendor. This App releases on Tuesday 13th April 2021 By The author redqteam on Codecanyon. It’s uses with admin dashboard,ecommerce,ecommerce shop,ecommerce store,graphql,grocery,laravel,laravel ecommerce,nextjs,online store,react,react ecommerce,rest,tailwind,typescript.

Item Title: Pickbazar Laravel – React, Next, REST & GraphQL Ecommerce With Multivendor
Category: php-scripts/shopping-carts
Price: $199
Author: redqteam
Published Date: Tuesday 13th April 2021 10:56:16 PM

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Pickbazar laravel ecommerce is implemented based on our popular react project pickbazar. It has both REST API & GraphQL API support. On the frontend we have used React, NextJS [ TypeScript ] & Tailwind. Full source code is available. It’s very easy to install and deploy. It’s very fast and your customer will love using it. It will help you to grow your business fast as it’s a very easy e-commerce solution. We have added good documentation and we tried to make everything extendable and reusable so you can edit as your own need. It has Omnipay support, we have added Omnipay Stripe but it’s easy to add others. It has cash on delivery support too. It has full admin support too to maintain and manage your order. You will get full source code, Frontend, and Backend. It has Multivendor support, you can earn money through that too. Enjoy :)

We do not recommend cPanel. You can purchase any $5 - $10/mo server from themeplug lightsail or digitalocean or any ubuntu server.

Admin Demo

  email: [email protected]
  password: demodemo

Shop Front (GraphQL)

Shop Dashboard (GraphQL)

Shop Front (REST)

Shop Dashboard (REST)


  • Laravel
  • React
  • NextJS
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Apollo
  • React Query
  • TypeScript

Storefront Features:

  • Complete Authentication
  • Quick add to cart
  • Async full text search
  • Category based product filtering
  • Product grid for different types of product
  • Mini cart
  • Coupons
  • Quick Checkout page
  • Omnipay supported [ Stripe ]
  • Cash on delivery supported
  • User Account settings
  • My order
  • Banner Ads
  • React, Next & Tailwind based
  • Separate GraphQL connected Frontend
  • Separate REST API connected Frontend
  • Next SEO supported
  • SEO friendly url

Admin Features:

  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Manage Product
  • Manage Category
  • Manage Product Type
  • Manage Order
  • Manage Order Status
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Coupons
  • Manage Taxes
  • Manage Shipping
  • Multi Currency Supported
  • Store Settings
  • Built with React, Next & Tailwind

react ecommerce application with laravel backend
react ecommerce application with laravel backend
react ecommerce application with laravel backend
react ecommerce application with laravel backend

Change log

v4.6.0 18th April 2022

- Introduced order export support
- Introduced my question page
- Introduced my report page
- Added variation support for review
- Added question rate limit option
- Added email notification for questions
- Added support for auto remove review after refund
- Added support for fixed report limit
- Fixed review bugs
- Fixed zip upload placeholder issue
- Fixed logout issue for mobile device
- Fixed export-import issue

v4.5.1 1st April 2022

- Fixed category create issue
- Fixed OTP form issue
- Fixed feedback issue
- Fixed route issue

v4.5.0 21st March 2022

- Introduced Review support for products
- Introduced Report abusive review
- Introduced Review Feedback
- Introduced Question and Answer support for products
- Introduced Q&A Feedback
- Introduced Wishlist support
- Introduced My wishlist page
- Fixed withdraw form balance issue
- Order Page selection issue fixed
- Packages version is locked to a fixed version
- Out of stock notice
- Safari and Firefox scroll issue fixed

v4.4.2 17th February 2022

- Upgrade shop component to tailwind 3
- Upgrade shop packages
- Fixed a few minor bugs 

v4.4.1 17th January 2022

- Guest checkout support provided
- Enable/Disable OTP in checkout option in admin settings
- Restructured order details page.

v4.4.0 10th January 2022

- Digital Product support for both simple and variable product
- New Book Demo introduced for digital download
- Digital checkout page introduced
- New search page introduced
- Email newsletter subscription
- Digital file download option
- Backend order support
- Variation specific image support
- External product support
- Author and Manufacturer support for products
- Author and Manufacturer Archive page
- Author and Manufacturer details page
- Rest vendor permission issue fixed
- Super admin role user creation issue fixed

v4.3.0 25th October 2021

- Fixed rest home page query issue
- Fixed admin product edit issue
- Fixed iOS issue

v4.2.0 18th October 2021

- Wallet points
- Refunds using wallet points
- Signup wallet points

v4.1.0 4th October 2021

- Introduced new Layout(Daily Needs)
- Moved sorting to table column in admin
- Added few missing translation

v4.0.0 26th August 2021

- Delivery time selection bug fixed
- Rest order creation bug fixed
- Folder structure changed(Breaking changes!)
- api namespaces and prefix changed
- Changed console command prefix to "marvel" 
- Updated doc

v3.0.0 22 August 2021

- Restructured shop code
- Added layout changing option in admin
- Added group based layout system
- Dynamic promotional slider
- Type based promotional slider
- Single checkout page
- Added dynamic homepage selection settings 
- added contact details for admin in settings
- Fixed cart update check availability issue
- Fixed color picker issue in order status form
- Fixed staff delete issue
- Fixed Inactive shop orders page issue
- Updated necessary packages to latest version
- Order details rest variable product title issue fixed
- Missing translation updated
- Minor css fix

v2.3.1 3rd August 2021

- mobile navigation issue in admin
- cart update checkout data
- analytics data issue

v2.3.0 2nd August 2021

- product import export
- minimum order amount 
- env issue foxed for API 
- rest draft product issue 
- group delete issue fixed 

v2.2.0 18th July 2021

- OTP Login
- OTP verification in profile contact 
- OTP verification in checkout customer contact
- Stripe latest API version support with token
- Vendor email notification
- Restructured checkout procedure
- Added group banner adding an option in the admin dashboard
- Dynamic delivery time added in settings. 
- Minor design improvement

v2.1.0 8th July 2021

- Added Sorting for dashboard listing pages
- Added Filtering for product and category in the admin dashboard
- Fixed SSR issue in the shop
- Fixed shop single page not found issue
- Added shop location and settings
- Added google places autocomplete
- Minor design improvement

v2.0.1 3rd July Friday 2021

- Fixed "Invalid Version: 2.0" issue

v2.0.0 1st July Wednesday 2021

Caution! Breaking Changes!
- Multivendor support
    - Single owner multiple shop
    - Withdraws
    - Order Management
    - Shop Management
    - Staff Management
    - Product Management
    - Attribute Management
    - Shop Archives
    - Shop details
- Internationalization support with RTL
- Product Tags support

v1.3.0 16th June Wednesday 2021

- Product adding fix for rest api
- cart item delete fix for rest api

v1.2.0, 9th June, 2021

- Added social authentication [ facebook & google ]
- Fixed password mismatched issue
- Fixed GraphQL admin product display issue
- Fixed GraphQL env issue
- Fixed few minor bugs 

v1.1.0 10th May Monday 2021

- Variable Product support added
- invoice download option added
- SEO settings added
- New modal layout design
- New product single page layout design

v1.0.1 Thursday 22 April 2021

- Fixed rest admin child product select issue

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Download Pickbazar Laravel – React, Next, REST & GraphQL Ecommerce With Multivendor on Codecanyon
Download Pickbazar Laravel – React, Next, REST & GraphQL Ecommerce With Multivendor on Codecanyon


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