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Item Title: InMillion Web Traffic Bot Visit Generator
Category: apps/windows
Price: $49
Author: softgateway
Published Date: Thursday 14th October 2021 11:23:01 PM

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InMillion Web Traffic Generator

web traffic

InMillion Web Traffic Generator is a Windows application that allows you to send millions of visits to your websites in a single click,
with an ability to customize visits with a huge variety of options like: Browser, Operating System, Device, Version, GEO Location and so many more.

InMillion Web Traffic Generator




Note: You have to install Bounce Rate add-on to run the random links feature.

watch this video

to learn how Auto Events work in the background

Bounce Rates impact on SEO & search ranking, Here’s a creative add-on to control your website bounce rate and improve SEO.

bounce rate control

With Web Traffic software you can see something like this in your Google Analytics

google analytics


Thanks our users, your Satisfaction is always Guaranteed.





google analytics
google analytics


Unlimited Guaranteed Real Visits, Not Hits

real visits

GEO Location, each visit will be sent from a different IP.

geo location

Ability to add unlimited IP/Proxy from Your Own Resources.

Checking proxies before sending with timeout setting:

Auto deactivate expired proxies

Ability to export clean ones to a text file.



SEO Campaigns customization.

seo campaigns

Major Social networks and websites referral are included.

Ability to add your own referral websites.

Control Organic and/or Direct sending for each URL.


Send up to 1Million visit in a single job.

Add up to 1000 URL for each job.

Fetch all site URLs in a single click.

Send visits to many website at the same time.

send visits

Ability to control quantity for each URL with Referral/SEO or/and Direct sending

Distribute quantities between SEO/Referral and Direct visits with a fixed or random percentage.

Set the visit duration with fixed or random values

random visit

Auto Setting priority for devices: Computer, Mobile, Other Devices (Screens, Car, Server, Game Console) and more.

10,000+ user agents included, which means:


Control Browser type (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Yandex and 50+ more)


Control attribute: Device type & model, Software, Versions, OS and more.

Ability to set a quantity for each user agent.

visit quality

Detailed report upon sending time.


InMillion Web Traffic Bot Visit Generator - 1
100% friendly, safe and counted with Google Analytics, Webmaster consoles, Matomo or any other software.

Using Google Selenium power security.

Auto detect and change engine driver according to your chrome version

Frequently free updates with a single click:
You can update your software directly from within it, you don’t need to download a new package and install it.
Just click Update button and you’ll see a confirmation message to update if there’s a new release available.

Contact support from the software.


Instantly Activation

Once you installed this software, you can instantly start using it.


Any additional feature could be added

If you are a freelancer and you recommend another feature to be included please contact us with your suggestion
and we’ll add it to the software in the next releases if it’s helpful.


  • RAM Minimum 4Gb

  • CPU Minimum Intel core i3 g6/AMD A4/Ryzen 3

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11

  • Google Chrome installed on your system (any version)

  • MS .Net Backed with the installation package:
  •  —.Net framework 4.7.2
     —.Net desktop runtime 5

Do you have an old PC?

If your PC specs are: 8g RAM or higher, 3 cores/6th gen CPU or higher, you can ignore this note.

For an old or low specs PC (4g RAM and an old CPU generation) we recommend to increase the delay value (Sequence group) to be 20s at least
especially if you want to use the full functionality of this app like:
1- Auto Scroll 2- Click on page 3- Random links 4- Bounce Rate.

Features 1 & 2 are included by default, but the 3rd one requires the Bounce Rate addon to be activated,
these features require more resources of the RAM and CPU, because it execute many actions in the background.


contact support

Note for newbies to SEO or web analytics

To see & analyse the visits on your website you have to install an analytics software on your website like Google Analytics.

contact support

Read how to
Use Analytics



V 2.9.2 Released: 01 May 2022

        - Add Quick Job to the home page.
        - Improve Import/Export settings.

V 2.8.9 Released: 10 Apr 2022

        - Add an option to apply scroll on all links.
        - Add an option to include the external links.
        - Fix a minor bug about irregular domain extensions. 

V 2.8.8 Released: 07 Apr 2022

        - Fix two issues appeared with version 2.8.2
        -- Bounce Rate crash.
        -- .Net crash with Chrome 100.
        - Export report to CSV or text file.

V 2.8.2 Released: 01 Apr 2022

        - Improve the performance.
        - Unify .Net for all system types.

V 2.8.0 Released: 20 Mar 2022

        - Residential / Backconnect Proxy supported.
        - Save and Restore job settings.

V 2.7 Released: 02 22 2022

        - Send Auto Scroll Up/Down with parameters: Start & Duration.
        - Send random click to the page on the body or a link.
        - Send random clicks with parameters.
        - Trailing Slash now is optional.
        - An ability to reset the license.
        - Ready for Windows 11.
        - Minor bugs fixed.

V 2.6 Released: 08 February 2022

        - New feature: Auto Scrape Free Proxy.
        - Update device browsers & systems to the latest versions.
        - Increase user agents to 10,000 including latest mobile models.
        - Extend fetch URLs text area to unlimited.

V 2.5 Released: 10 January 2022

        - New form for job testing WordPress & PHP pages.
        - Auto updater for web engines.
        - Auto fixing for unexpected errors.
        - Bounce Rate: More accurate results.
        - Boosting RAM & cleaning cached jobs.
        - JSON add-on file changed.
        - Bug fixes for moving license on Windows 7
        - Ability for a partial update.
        - All support buttons are combined now in Support button

V 2.4 Released: 20 December 2021

        - Bounce Rate: More accurate results.
        - Boosting RAM & cleaning cached jobs.
        - SEO Campaign improved.
        - Fetch subpages of website.
        - Ability to limit total fetched links.
        - Include / Exclude external links in website.
        - Decrease launch time.
        - Performance optimized.
        - Auto report generator for support
        - Trailing slash fixed.
        - Minor bugs fixed.

V 2.3 Released: 18 November 2021

        - Ready to operate Bounce Rate add-on.
        - Familiar with any language locale.
        - Improve performance.
        - Ability to transfer the license to another PC
        - Update documentation.
        - Make licensing even easier.
        - Increase trial version to 7 days.
        - Minor bugs fixing.

V 2.2 Released: 15 October 2021

        - First release on CodeCanyon

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Download InMillion Web Traffic Bot Visit Generator on Codecanyon
Download InMillion Web Traffic Bot Visit Generator on Codecanyon


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