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Download Fontasia (Font Usage Viewer). This App releases on Saturday 6th June 2015 By The author kturkay on Codecanyon. It’s uses with fontasia,fontusageviewer,fontviewer.

Item Title: Fontasia (Font Usage Viewer)
Category: apps/windows
Price: $7
Author: kturkay
Published Date: Saturday 6th June 2015 05:42:15 AM

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  • Minimalistic Font Viewer tool.
  • Click to a font file (ttf, eot, otf, woff) shows up you font usage as a webpage, photoshop, indesign, illustrator or any graphical application.
  • Gives you more impressure about the font file usage. by checking font that how it looks like in a website or in photoshop or other graphic applications. no need to install font into your system and configure a sample website or a graphical file takes some time. thus fontaisa is a time saver, fills a big lack of standard font viewer and other font viewer applications.
  • Displays Sample Template Previews that uses ttf, eot, otf, woff and other font file types.
  • To preview of font usage; Just click to the font file.
  • Press ESC to close.
  • Use Up/Down arrow to change preview template that uses your font.
  • Use Left/Right arrow to change color theme.
  • Simple Usage: double click any font file types: ttf woff eot otf.
  • Right click popups a menu.Press use “Help” If You wantto reach this page again.

More Info / DownloadLive Demo
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Download Fontasia (Font Usage Viewer) on Codecanyon
Download Fontasia (Font Usage Viewer) on Codecanyon


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