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Download Flutter Fruit Market Flutter. This App releases on Monday 12th July 2021 By The author XamDesign on Codecanyon. It’s uses with android,chrome,ecommerce app,flutter,Flutter App,fruit delivery app,fruit market,grocery,grocery app,grocery delivery app,ios,market,shop,tablet.

Item Title: Flutter Fruit Market Flutter
Category: mobile/flutter
Price: $35
Author: XamDesign
Published Date: Monday 12th July 2021 10:53:53 PM

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Flutter Nova Fruit Market

Nova Fruit Market Application is an E-commerce application.This application offers you a quality software and infrastructure.

It gives you speed and time to realize your idea and dreams.The data inside the application is completely local JSON data and the application has a Provider(State Management ) structure.With this application, you can sell not only fruit but any product you wish, it is a completely flexible application.The application is fully suitable and working for Mobile, Tablet and WEB.You can see the quality of XamDesign by joining our Customers.

Application Features

  • 23 Unique Screen

  • Full Provider Structure

  • Full Dynamic Widget Structure

  • Multi languages Support

  • Simple and minimalist design

  • WEB/Tablet/Mobile Support

  • Flutter 2.0.0 Null Safety

  • Custom Views and Custom Controls

  • Perfect and Fluent Animations

  • Fast and smooth design that does not affect performance

  • Easy and readable Dart codes

  • Dynamic Pages

  • Partial Views

  • Responsive Design to any all device screen!

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High Performance 60+FPS

Flutter Fruit Market Flutter - 9

Always Happy Customers!

Flutter Fruit Market Flutter - 10

Version: 1.0.1 (Date 2021.09.13)
 New :
        1. Flutter 2.5.0.
        2. Buf Fix.
        3. Products added to the cart can now be seen as pieces in the bottom bar..

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a free and open-source mobile UI framework created by Google and released in May 2017. In a few words, it allows you to create a native mobile application with only one codebase. This means that you can use one programming language and one codebase to create two different apps (for iOS and Android). Flutter consists of two important parts: An SDK (Software Development Kit): A collection of tools that are going to help you develop your applications. This includes tools to compile your code into native machine code (code for iOS and Android). A Framework (UI Library based on widgets): A collection of reusable UI elements (buttons, text inputs, sliders, and so on) that you can personalize for your own needs. To develop with Flutter, you will use a programming language called Dart. The language was created by Google in October 2011, but it has improved a lot over these past years. Dart focuses on front-end development, and you can use it to create mobile and web applications. If you know a bit of programming, Dart is a typed object programming language. You can compare Dart’s syntax to JavaScript. “Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.” – Google,
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Flutter Fruit Market Flutter - 11

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Download Flutter Fruit Market Flutter on Codecanyon
Download Flutter Fruit Market Flutter on Codecanyon


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