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Download File Manager and Cloud Storage. This App releases on Wednesday 8th September 2021 By The author mlglobtechnology on Codecanyon. It’s uses with cloud drive,cloud service,document management system,download manager,file browser,file cloud,file explorer,file management system,file manager,file sharing and cloud storage,private cloud,self-hosted,share files,storage,storage cloud.

Item Title: File Manager and Cloud Storage
Category: javascript/loaders-and-uploaders
Price: $49
Author: mlglobtechnology
Published Date: Wednesday 8th September 2021 03:53:54 PM

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Cloud Storage is a self-hosted documents and folders cloud storage and sharing platform. You can easily host it
without any coding
It allows you to upload multiple files, folders and share with unlimited users.
Users can copy and move folders or documents in other folder in the Cloud Storage.
Users can download documents and folders in the Cloud Storage and also you can preview documents.
User can write comments on the document and also send document via email.



User Name: [email protected]
Password: [email protected]

User Name: [email protected]
Password: [email protected]

Easy Installation
Security Features
Full Sorce Code
Files & Folders Sharing
File Preview
Real Time Update
Login into User's Account
User Permission
Powerful Search
Share using Link
Copy & Move
File Versioning
Send Email
Mobile Compatible
Contact Support


  • Full Source Code: You will get full Source Code of Cloud Storage and build version for SQL
    Server and MySql database provider.
  • Cross Platform: Angular and .Net Core are Open Source and Corss Platform you can
    run/deploy it in any server.
  • Easy Installation: Follow the easy instructions and install Cloud Storage on the server
    minutes. No coding knowledge is required.
  • Upload: Upload or Drag and Drop unlimited files or folders in Cloud Storage.
  • Files & Folders Sharing: From Cloud Storage, you can share Files & Folders to unlimited
    in the system.
  • File Preview: Preview Uploaded files including audio,video, image, text, pdf and all the
    Microsoft Office Documents.
  • Real Time Update: As you share files or folders, It will automatically appear to the shared
  • User Permission: Admin can set permissions like upload files, create folders, copy, move,
    shared link etc to each users.
  • Login Into User Account: Admin can login into any users account from admin panel.
  • Notification: As you share files or folders, shared Users get instance notification.
  • Powerful Search: You can search uploaded or shared files and folders in the system.
  • Share using Link: You can share a Document with a link other than system user.
    You can also set Password, Expiry Date, and Download options to the link.
  • Copy & Move: Copy or Move Files and Folders within the System.
  • File Versioning: As you Upload the same name file System will Automatically maintain the
    Version of the File.
    You can See the Older version file and also restore it to the current version.
  • Downloads: From the System you can download multiple files or folders in the same structure
    you have uploaded.
  • Comments: Users can add/view multiple comments on the file.
  • Send Email: You can send email attached with System File or Folder to anyone.
  • Starred Document or Folder: You add stars to files and folders for easy access for future.
  • Mobile Compatible: 100% responsive, works well in mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop

Project Requirement

  • .Net Core Runtime
  • SQL Server/MySQL Database.
  • To Host Application on Shared Linux hosting it is required standard user account with sudo privilege.
  • The latest non-preview .NET runtime installed on the server.

Project Technologies

  • .Net 5
  • Angular 12.

Change logs:

  • 1.0 Initial Release
  • 2.0 Breaking Changes

    • Download All Files (Zip)
    • Right click menu
    • Deleted files folder – Empty Trash button
    • Link expiration date and time
    • All files stored on the server in encrypted form.
    • You can copy the file/folder within the same folder.
    • When a folder or file is clicked, an information screen appears on the right.
    • Total disk space used
    • File Preview with Move Next and Previous Documents.
  • 2.1 Breaking Changes

    • Admin can Assign Permission to Users.
    • File Path Fixes.
    • Admin can Login into any User’s acccount.
    • Fixes Sidebar issue.
    • Select all files and folders.
    • User wise usage disk space.
  • More Info / DownloadLive Demo
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    Download File Manager and Cloud Storage on Codecanyon
    Download File Manager and Cloud Storage on Codecanyon


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