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Download WooCommerce Checkout Fields & Fees. The theme releases on Monday 25th September 2017 By The author vanquish on Codecanyon. It’s makes use of with checkout,checkout fields,conditional,personalized checkout,payment,fields,logic,woo commerce,woocommerce,woocommerce billing fields,woocommerce checkout,woocommerce checkout fields,woocommerce checkout type,Woocommerce customized fields,woocommerce transport fields.

Item Title: WooCommerce Checkout Fields & Fees
Category: wordpress/ecommerce/woocommerce/miscellaneous
Price: $20
Author: vanquish
Published Date: Monday 25th September 2017 04:44:16 PM

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The WooCommerce Checkout Fields & Fees will permit you to simply apply charges (or low cost in case the payment worth is damaging) and to show extra fields within the checkout Billing and Shipping types! Both charges and extra fields could be utilized/displayed in accordance logic guidelines…and all completed utilizing a pleasant visible editor!

Note: The plugin, like WordPress, requires a minimal 5.5 PHP model.

(Shop admin account)
consumer: demo
go: demo

(customer account)
consumer: demo2
go: demo



How to robotically replace the plugin

To obtain automated updates simply set up and configure the Envato updater plugin: .The official information that explains how you can configure it may be discovered within the following hyperlink: .

How it really works

The plugin permits the store admin to create charges (or low cost if the payment worth is damaging) and extra checkout billing and transport fields to which optionally he can affiliate some conditional guidelines. According to those conditional guidelines the plugin will resolve if the extra fields must be confirmed in Checkout types and if the charges must be utilized to the Checkout cart.

Each area/payment can have a number of conditional guidelines associated between them with
and/or situations. A conditional rule can contemplate a number of product/class/cart/consumer points information like the quantity spent, peak, weight, taxes, consumer roles…More data at Conditional logic paragraph!

Field sorts

The plugin will enable the store admin to create the next area sorts:

  1. Text
  2. Text space
  3. File
  4. Number
  5. Telephone
  6. Email
  7. Password
  8. Select/Multiselect
  9. Date
  10. Time
  11. Country
  12. State
  13. Heading

For every area you may configure its personal choices like CSS lessons to assign to the enter area, placeholder textual content, present on emails, present on order particulars web page, row measurement, and many others.

Field Conditional logic

For every area could be bounded a number of and/or conditional logic guidelines that may make the sector seen provided that happy. A situation could be have the next typologies:

  1. Product
  2. Category
  3. Cart
  4. User

Fee conditional logic

Fee could be dynamically utilized in accordance the next customer and cart information:

  1. User function
  2. Billing / Shipping nation and state
  3. Billing / Shipping metropolis
  4. Billing / Shipping zipcode
  5. Payment technique
  6. Shipping technique
  7. User function
  8. Products / Categories on cart
  9. Total, subtotal, taxes, quantity, weight, and many others.

Note: the plugin helps solely transport strategies created through the native WooCommerce settings menu. No assist for third get together plugins.

Text, Text space, Number, Telephone, Email and Password

Not a lot to clarify… the plugin means that you can simply add the “classic” html sort like textual content, quantity or Email fields! :)

Sort checkout fields

Using the Sort & Hide menu it’s doable to kind all of the Checkout fields and temporarly conceal the conditional fields

File Upload

Upload any file measurement on the checkout web page! Once a file has been chosen, the plugin will show a pleasant visible bar exhibiting the present file add progress! Once completed the customer will have the ability to place the order. The file might be currently accessible through the Admin order particulars web page and optionally through Email and the frontend order particulars web page. Optionally it may be deleted by the admin and reuploaded!

Furthermore, if the order might be deleted, all of the related file might be deleted too! this can keep away from unuseful waste of house!


Would you prefer to separate fields through the use of some headings? You can! Use the particular Heading area to render headings amongst fields!

Select/Multiselect fields

The plugin permits to easily create choose and multiselect fields. To try this simply create a choose/multiselect area specifing values and label utilizing the next format:

value1 : worth 1
value2 : worth 2

In which every line has a worth and label separated by the : character.

Note for WPML customers: you should use totally different labels for every language however you should use similar values.
For instance: ” value_1 : Green” for English and “value_1 : Verde” for Italian.

State & Country fields

The plugin means that you can create Country, State or Country & State fields. The first one will enable the customer to simply choose a Country, the second simply to pick out
a State of a given nation, the final one is a whole Country and State selector that may populate the State selector based on the present nation chosen.

Note: For what considerations the State selector, it is going to be doable to pick out solely the states/provinces for the allowed sell nations configured within the WooCommerce -> Settings -> General menu.

Date and Time fields

You can simply date and time fields that may enable your customer to pick out the specified values utilizing a pleasant visible selector! Furthermore, the plugin permits you
to limit the date and time vary deciding on min and max date/time values that may be absolute date and time or could be relative to “now”!

Fee and Discount

Conditional payment function will also be used to use a reduction. In reality, if the payment worth is a damaging worth, the plugin will truly apply a reduction!

Free transport!

Fee/Discount function has an choice to let out transport prices in case any payment rule is utilized!

WPML compability

If WPML is detected, the plugin will robotically present multilanguage enter fields for labels, placeholders, and many others. In this manner, you may enter totally different texts for every language.

Product/Category situations

Allows you to make the sector seen in accordance the followin choices:

  1. Cart/Stock amount
  2. Stock standing
  3. Amount spent
  4. Amount spent excluding taxes
  5. Lenght
  6. Height
  7. Width
  8. Weight
  9. Volume

In case of a number of product alternatives, chosen values could be thought-about for every item or as sum of items values. You also can optionally configure the rule
to be able to be happy if all the chosen product are in cart or to use simply solely to the product that really are in cart.

Cart situations

Allows you to make the sector seen in accordance the followin choices:

  1. Sub complete, Total, Shippings or Discount (with or with out taxes utilized)
  2. Subtotal, Total, Shipping or Discount taxes
  3. Sum of item portions, weights or volumes
  4. Number of distinct item on cart
User situations

The area might be seen if the present consumer has or hasn’t one of many chosen roles

Frontend integration

Additional fields might be seamlessly built-in into the Billing/Shipping type if the conditional guidelines might be happy.
Optionally fields might be additionally displayed into the consumer order particulars web page and notification emails.

Backend integration

Additional fields and costs might be seamlessly displayed into the order particulars web page

Custom CSS and JS code

You can simply outline “on the fly” customized JavaScript codes for Checkout web page utilizing the Custom JS & CSS menu.

Automatic CSS and JS file loading

Want to robotically load your CSS and JS files on Checkout pages? You can! simply put them within the following directories (create them if not current):

  1. wp-content/wcccf_custom_code/js
  2. wp-content/wcccf_custom_code/css

and the plugin will robotically load these files!

WooCommerce Booking – Field per individual

The plugin permits additionally to show one conditional area per every individual the consumer chosen for a bookable product. To allow this function simply
create a billing or transport area, then create a conditional logic rule deciding on as choice Product or Category. Select any bookable product (or a class that has any) after which simply allow the Display the sector for every individual choice.

For instance, you may create the next fields for a bookable product

  1. First title
  2. Last title

That might be confirmed on checkout web page for every individual the consumer chosen.

NOTE: Field per individual is unavailable for Country and State fields.

Note on variable merchandise

In case a area has been chosen to be seen for a variable product, if a number of variations have been added to cart, the sector might be displayed only one time, not for every variation on the cart.

Note on altered checkout types

If you could have altered in any manner checkout types including/eradicating/customizing fields utilizing third get together plugin, this will likely intrude with the WCCCF plugin inflicting it to not correctly work.


Type choice – Field configurator web page


Condition choice choice – Field configurator web page


Condition sort choice – Field configurator web page


Checkout web page


Frontend order particulars web page

Admin order web page


Bookable product – Field per individual



= 7.7 - 28.06.20 =
* Minor enchancment

= 7.6 - 31.05.20 =
* Fixed a difficulty associated to the "length" choice choice within the Fee menu

= 7.5 - 24.05.20 =
* Minor efficiency enchancment

= 7.4 - 22.05.20 =
* Fixed a CSS situation

= 7.3 - 26.04.20 =
* get_item_data deprecated technique invokation has been changed with wc_get_formatted_cart_item_data

= 7.2 - 17.02.20 =
* Fixed a difficulty associated to Fees and WPML

= 7.1 - 28.01.20 =
* Added new function that enables payment software in accordance consumer billing / transport metropolis, nation, zipcode and transport technique

= 7.0 - 08.01.20 =
* Minor enhancements

= 6.9 - 29.11.19 =
* Fixed a difficulty associated variable product and WPML

= 6.8 - 05.09.19 =
* Fixed a difficulty resulting from Fee amout enter controller solely accepted int values

= 6.7 - 27.06.19 =
* Minor CSS bugfix

= 6.6 - 25.06.19 =
* Minor bugfix associated to the datepicker selector

= 6.5 - 25.06.19 =
* Minor CSS bugfix

= 6.4 - 18.06.19 =
* Fixed a difficulty as a result of checkout web page could also be reloaded constantly

= 6.3 - 08.06.19 =
* File fields now present file title

= 6.2 - 08.05.19 =
* Added choice for Heading fields to be proven/hidden on order particulars web page/emails

= 6.1 - 18.04.19 =
* Minor bugfix

= 6.0 - 27.02.19 =
* Added the choice to set "today" as min date for relative min and max date 

= 5.9 - 25.01.19 =
* Fixed a difficulty with "person type" and WooCommerce Booking

= 5.8 - 03.01.19 =
* Minor bugfix

= 5.7 - 18.12.18 =
* Typo

= 5.6 - 15.12.18 =
* Fixed a difficulty resulting from phone validation

= 5.5 - 07.12.18 =
* Headers at the moment are showd on order particulars and emails

= 5.4 - 13.11.18 =
* Bug repair associated to the activation system

= 5.3 - 02.11.18 =
* Placeholder (if any) is now correctly displayed for choose/multiselect fields

= 5.2 - 15.10.18 =
* Fixed a difficulty with payment duplication function

= 5.1 - 10.10.18 =
* Added choice to duplicate fields

= 5.0 - 05.10.18 =
* Added new activation system: now the plugin could be solely activated in two domains and so they can't be unregistered

= 4.9 - 11.07.18 =
* Added new payment sorts

= 4.8 - 08.07.18 =
* Increased 12 months date selector vary

= 4.7 - 08.07.18 =
* Fixed an incompatibility with the WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager plugin

= 4.6 - 06.07.18 =
* Added month and 12 months selector for datepicker

= 4.5 - 05.07.18 =
* Minor bugfix

= 4.4 - 26.06.18 =
* Added new choice to set charges in accordance the present Billing/Shipping nation and state

= 4.3 - 24.05.18 =
* Fixed a difficulty resulting from checkout type was not correctly rendered when a date area with any choice to limit day was used

= 4.2 - 16.05.18 =
* Added new choice menu that enable date and time show format

= 4.1 - 08.05.18 =
* Added new choice to keep away from payment apply if some other has been utilized

= 4.0 - 20.04.18 =
* Added choice to let out transport for Fees

= 3.9 - 20.03.18 =
* Fixed a difficulty with heading fields positioning

= 3.8 - 19.03.18 =
* Fixed a difficulty as a result of placeholder choice was not correctly working

= 3.7 - 16.03.18 =
* Typo

= 3.6 - 15.03.18 =
* Fixed a difficulty resulting from nation and state selector weren't engaged on checkout

= 3.5 - 10.03.18 =
* Fixed a difficulty resulting from fields the place not confirmed for variation when utilizing class conditional guidelines

= 3.4 - 10.03.18 =
* Fixed a difficulty resulting from time and date selector weren't correctly displayed 
* Added choice for absolute time area: is now doable to robotically set begin time as now if the chosen begin date is sooner than "now" 

= 3.3 - 03.03.18 =
* Fixed a difficulty with area kind perform and Chrome

= 3.2 - 02.03.18 =
* Fixed a difficulty resulting from Checkbox worth was not correctly confirmed on Order particulars web page & emails

= 3.1 - 26.02.18 =
* Added new choice to set time interval between instances for time selector

= 3.0 - 12.02.18 =
* Date and Time fields could be have a min/max restrict relative to "now" 

= 2.9 - 05.02.18 =
* WooCommerce Bookigns: fields at the moment are grouped utilizing a visible border field

= 2.8 - 04.02.18 =
* Fixed a difficulty with WooCommerce Bookings plugin

= 2.7 - 01.02.18 =
* Added new function to outline customized CSS and JS codes
* Added new function to robotically load JS and CSS files saved within the "wp-content/wcccf_custom_code/js" and "wp-content/wcccf_custom_code/css" folders

= 2.6 - 10.01.18 =
* Added choice to disable fields rearrangement on checkout

= 2.5 - 21.12.17 =
* Is now doable all checkout fields

= 2.4 - 20.12.17 =
* Minor bugfix

= 2.3 - 12.12.17 =
* Minor bugfix

= 2.2 - 11.12.17 =
* Fixed a difficulty with add file course of

= 2.1 - 29.11.17 =
* Added new File sort

= 2.0 - 27.11.17 =
* Added new Heading area

= 1.9 - 26.11.17 =
* Minor bugfix

= 1.8 - 23.11.17 =
* Minor bugfix

= 1.7 - 08.11.17 =
* Is now doable to indicate fields based on the variety of individual (Bookable product - WooCommerce Booking)

= 1.6 - 25.10.17 =
* Date area: is now doable to disable particular days of the week

= 1.5 - 25.10.17 =
* Fixed a difficulty that will stop the right detection of variation current on cart

= 1.4 - 11.10.17 =
* Added new feture that enables to create conditional charges

= 1.3 - 28.09.17 =
* Fixed a difficulty with the "required" choice setted for a rustic area that in some instances might stop the checkout to be carried out

= 1.2 - 27.09.17 =
* Fixed some typos

= 1.1 - 26.09.17 =
* Minor bugfix 

= 1.0 - 20.09.17 =
* First launch

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