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Download Fooxy – Food Delivery Service WordPress Theme. The Item author on templatemonster. It’s uses with #Fooxy #Food #Delivery #Service #WordPress #Theme.

Item Title: Fooxy – Food Delivery Service WordPress Theme
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Published Date: Saturday 27th March 2021 03:28:10 AM

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This food delivery services WP theme can give a head start to your business on the web. Devoid of sharp edges, this design is dotted with circular elements that complement the rest of the layout. As you see, even call-to-action buttons have rounded corners . Powered by Cherry Framework , the theme comes with multiple customization options , which will let you add a higher level of individuality to your online project. There is also a range of tools to help you improve your interaction with customers, particularly an online chat, social media icons, newsletter subscription form and more. What’s more, the theme is integrated with Google Maps , a service providing the information of your company’s location through the satellite imagery.

This is Courier Services WP template with Portfolio

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This is a Bootstrap Maintenance Support Services WordPress design template

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This Courier Company WordPress design theme is WPML ready

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This is Maintenance Services Company WP template with On-line chat functionality

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More Info / DownloadDemo
#Fooxy #Food #Delivery #Service #WordPress #Theme

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