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Product Title: Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio 5″ HD 720P Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Support up to 4 Cameras 980ft Range 3020mAh Night Vision Temperature Sensor by GHB
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baby monitor: Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio 5″ HD 720P Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Support up to 4 Cameras 980ft Range 3020mAh Night Vision Temperature Sensor by GHB

Product Description

GHB baby monitorGHB baby monitor

baby camera monitorbaby camera monitor

Choose GHB baby monitor to make your parenting life easier!

The GHB brand has specialized in baby monitors and became the bestseller of baby monitor in Germany for years. Our mission is to create a safe living environment and to make everyday life easier for parents. We have in-depth know-how in the manufacture of high-quality baby monitors that meet the high demands of the home care market.

Please note: before use, the parent unit (with battery) should be fully charged and the baby unit (without a battery, like the other baby units on the market) only needs to be operated with a power cord.

no wifi baby monitorno wifi baby monitor

No wifi Baby Monitor

Private and secure connection

Thanks to the reliable 2.4 GHz FHSS technology, the 5-inch LCD screen can be connected to the baby unit in a stable and interference-free manner, which offers you clearer video and audio in real time for your baby, moreover, privacy and security are 100% % guaranteed. No WiFi or no APP is necessary.

Easy reassurance with your voice

Thanks to the intercom function, you are always in contact with your baby, you can talk to him and calm him down.

The range is up to 300 m outdoors and up to 50 m indoors (range may vary due to structural features and external factors).

Why shall you choose GHB baby monitor?

5 inch HD 720P screen with 350 ° wide angle

Energy-saving and low-radiation ECO mode with 3020mAh battery (operating time up to 12 hours)

Long range of up to 300m (outdoors) and up to 50 m (indoors)

5 lullabies and intercom function

Clearer infrared night vision

Humanized feeding alarms allows you to feed your baby regularly

Sensitive temperature and sound monitoring allows you to know your baby’s status in real time

video baby monitor energy saving

video baby monitor energy saving

baby monitor with camera and audio

baby monitor with camera and audio

baby monitor with lullabies temperature alarm

baby monitor with lullabies temperature alarm

Energy-saving ECO Mode

In ECO mode, the parent unit’s battery is saved. If your child has a sweet sleep, the baby monitor automatically switches to sleep mode, which reduces the radiation from the device.

When your baby cries, the screen will automatically activate and let the parents know if everything is okay.

Temperature Alarm Monitoring

If the temperature is higher or lower than the set value, an alarm is triggered on the screen.

5 Soothing Lullabies

With five different lullabies you can gently rock your baby to sleep. GHB baby monitor- the best choice for parents!

baby monitor 5inches screen

baby monitor 5inches screen

baby monitor feed timer

baby monitor feed timer

baby monitor supperts up to 4 cameras

baby monitor supperts up to 4 cameras

2 x Digital Zoom

Our screen can be zoomed in twice so that you can see the baby’s activities more clearly.

Thanks to the 5-inch LCD display with infrared night vision function and high image quality, you can see your baby clearly even at night.

Feeding Alarms

Scientific research shows that regular feeding helps children develop a healthy biological clock. The brain development of children who eat and rest regularly will be far better than children who not. And this is why we designed the feeding alarm.

Don’t let your kids lose at the starting line.

Supports up to 4 Cameras

A single monitor can connect up to 4 cameras so that you can look after several family members at the same time.

For example, one camera is for baby, one for the elderly, and one for the beloved pet. Or one camera in the children’s room and the other in the living room, etc.

How to turn off the alarm sound when VOX is activated?

The alarm can be turned off after upgrading the software. After the upgrade, there’s no alarm or noise any more. And you will only see a pop-up icon notification shown on the display. Please follow the following steps to finish the software upgrade.

Please contact me on Amazon to ask for a upgrade software.Please make sure the monitor is fully charged before you install the upgrade software.Please connect the monitor to your PC with the micro USB cable.Please check My Computer in your PC and find the new added disk drive for this monitor.Please copy the upgrade software into this new added disk drive. Then, it will show that the upgrade is in progress.After the upgrade is complete, the monitor will be automatically shut down. You need to check if the monitor could be manually turned on. If not, you should follow the above-mentioned steps to install the upgrade software again.

Wider angle: The large 5 inch 720P HD display is 3 times more detailed than previous baby monitors. It can move horizontally by 350 ° or vertically by 120 ° when your baby is moving freely and can also zoom in 2 times
Camera with clearer night vision: A special night vision sensor makes the dark night clear, which makes possible to observe the baby clearly without disturbing the baby’s sleep
4 cameras supported: A single monitor can be connected to up to 4 cameras, so you can take care of more babies at the same time. Note: The package only contains 1 x monitor and 1 x camera
ECO mode with 3020 mAh battery: When the sound is detected in ECO mode, the screen will automatically turn on; The battery can last for 12 hours. Note: The camera must always be connected to the power supply
Stable and secure connection: Transmission ranges up to 300m (outdoors) and up to 50m (indoors); it works with 2.4 GHz radio technology and no WIFI ensures security and privacy

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